Cook the perfect steak…

Ever wondered how to cook a steak so it comes out like what you find in the finest restaurants?

Here is the link to a great recipie I found written by Rob Brooks-Bilson.  Highlights included below:

His technique is different but it works.

“Preheat your oven to 275 degrees (use center rack).  Meanwhile, remove your steaks from refrigerator, pat dry, and rub gently with salt and pepper on both sides (be careful not to use too much salt).  After the steaks have rested for about 15 minutes, place them on a wire cooling rack inside of a standard cookie sheet.  This will allow hot air from the oven to evenly circulate around the steaks.  Place the steaks in the oven and allow to warm until their internal temperature reaches about 90 degrees.  This should take 20-25 minutes for a 1 1/2 – 2 inch NY strip steak.”

“When the steak is almost at 90 degrees, heat about 1 tbsp of vegetable oil in a pan over medium-high heat, until it begins to smoke.  When the steak has reached the correct internal temperature, remove from the oven and sear in the pan approximately 2 minutes per side.  Once the two sides have been seared, be sure to sear the edges of each steak by holding the edges against the pan using tongs.  Each edge should only take 30-45 seconds.  Be warned, the searing will probably generate a good amount of smoke.  You want a good steak, this is the price you have to pay.  Open some windows and turn on your exhaust hood!”

“As soon as the steaks are done searing, remove them from the pan and place them back on the wire cooling rack.  Tent with foil, and allow about 10 minutes before serving.”

I have tried this myself and they came out excellent.  Will be trying the grill next, if you try this let others know how it worked!

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  1. you can also do something similar on the Primo Grill or the BGE. start with a dome temp of 250 and cook indirect, till the steak is around 125, then pull steaks and place on plate or cookie sheet, cover tightly with foil, and ramp up your Primo Grill to 500 degrees dome temp, then sear the steaks as you described! you will enjoy the best steak of your life. Why primo grills? These grills are made of ceramic, holds heat extremely well, you can smoke on one at 250 or lower and make pizza at 600 degrees. These devices are very durable and will last a life time, it uses only lump charcoal, (NEVER LIGHTER FLUID), you can use all kinds of smoking woods. Once you own a ceramic grill, you will never own a gas or any other kind of grill. I have smoked 4 pork buts for 21 hours at 215 degrees and never added fuel, and the pork turned out perfect!

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