Need a Return Shipping Quote before you have the Return Instructions?

You are quoting a Net New account and you need to figure in the return shipping cost for the equipment.  Since you do not know where the equipment will be returned, this can be a bit of a guessing game.  Most sales reps do not want to add in too much for the estimated return shipping as it erodes gross profit from the transaction, yet you do not want to add in too little and have an upset customer in 60 days where they come back asking to be reimbursed for additional return shipping costs.

If you send an email to we can provide you with a return shipping quote.  We do this by asking a few questions and then give a price based on mileage allowances.  500 miles, 1500 miles, and Nationwide.

If you are fairly confident the equipment will be returned in the local area, 500 miles would be the best bet.  If you are not sure, often Nationwide return is the best way to go.  Either way, we guarantee our quotes and do not charge fuel surcharges.  Any customer’s you refer are automatically credit approved so we do not require an application or credit card upfront.  We also do copier moves office to office or across the country.    There are certain requirements that do impact return shipping or copier move costs, I have included the list below.

Date or Time Specific Pick-up:  There are maybe a dozen freight providers out there that specialize in lease returns.  Most have set routes where when a pick up is scheduled, they fit that pick up into their dedicated route.  Where they may have a truck passing through Jacksonville once a week for example, if a customer requests a pick up on a day that shipper is not in Jacksonville they need to send a dedicated truck, which adds to the cost.

Insurance:  Most shippers insure the equipment for .60 per lb.  Some will offer up to $1000 per copier.  Many return authorizations require insured valuations well above the .60 per lb.  The customer will request the freight has the insured value up to what the return authorization states.

After Hours:  Some buildings do not allow for equipment to be moved during normal business hours.  The move must be done before 8:00 am or after 5:00 pm.  These freight companies have their crews working 8-5 so they have to pay overtime for these pick ups, which of course costs more.

Union Building:  Some buildings do not allow non union suppliers in the building, so union labor must be used to move the copier out of the building, this can be very expensive.

Masonite:  Some buildings will not allow a copier to be rolled over their marble floors and they require a protective layer be put down to protect the floor.  There is an extra charge for this.

Stairs:  Is the copier up a flight of stairs and there is no elevator available?  Freight companies charge to bring a stair crawler.

Deinstallation:  Is the equipment taken apart and ready to be shipped?  If not, if the shipper has to take the equipment apart before they can remove it, it takes them extra time, which they will bill for.

Truck Access:  Can a truck with a 53′ trailer get access to within 200′ of the customer’s main entrance?  If they need to send in a shuttle truck or park a few blocks away, shippers carge more for this.

The easiest solution for return shipping pricing is to contact Offsite.  We can provide you with a Prepaid Return Shipping quote in advance, or a return shipping quote if you have the return shipping instructions.  Email us at and we can take it from there.


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