When is the right time to propose?

If you are wondering about proposing for marriage, that’s a case by case basis.  When it comes to copiers, the science becomes a bit clearer.

At Offsite, the average number of copiers on one of our storage agreements is 2.27.

The average storage term for one of our storage agreements is 14.6 months.

What does that mean to you?

It means on competive net new takeaways, our referring dealers are calling on ZBA accounts on average 18 months before their leases expire.  When you call on a net new prospect, it is never too early to propose your solution.  Of course when it comes to upgrading your own base, if you wait until a client has 12 months or less on their current lease you may be 6 months too late.

Never make the assumption for a prospect or customer that they have too much time left on their current lease to consider your proposal.  Stay engaged with your customers, especially when they have 2 years or less left on their leases.  If a customer is not ready to upgrade their solution or change suppliers, then stay in contact with that prospect to learn more about their business.  The more you understand their business the better the solution will be that you propose when the time is right.


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