Contract Management Solution

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We assume most businesses have a process in place to track their equipment leases and loans.  However, the majority of profit erosion comes from a lack of a process in managing the smaller details of a business.  The small details include month to month contracts, purchased (cash) assets, employee certifications, permits, registrations, critical sales interactions, compliance, rogue purchasing, and software just to name a few.

Month to Month contracts give a false sense of security to a customer.  Since its MTM, they do not track it.  The payments slowly escalate every year and the customer does not scrutize the service.  Refreshing cash/ purchased assets early before their depreciation schedule is up can also waste money.  Employee certifications such as medical, food handler, accounting, or an industry requirement can sideline an employee and cost revenue.  Expired city permits, vehicle registrations, or state regulations that require annual renewals that lapse can also be costly.

In the past, Contract Management software was the only solution.  Its extremely complex and expensive.  RenewAlert is cloud based and a fraction of the price.  We incorporated in Contract Management along with Asset and Project Management.  The goal is to have an easy to use cost effective solution that our customers will benefit from.

This is a wonderful solution to offer your customers and it will set any proposal you have apart from the competition.  Feel free to share the link with your clients to show them a quick presentation of the system.  Its a subscription based service that is billed monthly, they can cancel anytime.  Contact us at for a discount promo code to offer your customers.


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