Offsite at times utilized CRST/ STI for some jobs out of our area.  We have found STI has always had a higher damage ratio then any other carriers we have used, substantially higher.  In the last 18 months their damage ratios with our shipments has grown even more.  Our experience has been that their claims process is cumbersome and full of loopholes for them to back out of paying any claims. 

Photo:  CRST/ STI may deliver it, but will the copier work or be trashed?

In September 2017 we had a shipment with CRST/ STI where they bent the frame of a Toshiba 6540 so badly, the copier would not power up.  They bent the frame of the finisher as well.  They dumped the copier off at a law office and had a receptionist sign they delivered it.  When the dealer came to install the device, they found the damage.  The customer was so mad, the dealer lost the account.  Offsite paid the replacement cost of the copier to the customer ($13K).  CRST/ STI declined our claim saying the receptionist signed off there was no damage.  This was appealed to the top and despite knowing the damage was caused by them, they opted not to pay for the damage they caused.


Other traps CRST/ STI has is if you ship your copier wrapped, they will circle a box on the BOL saying “WBS”, meaning Wrapped By Shipper.  So if there is damage and you paid for insurance, they will point to the “WBS” and say the claim is denied and they could not verify the condition.  Think about it, you ship a copier wrapped and purchase insurance, but since its wrapped the insurance is worthless, and they don’t tell you this.


Best bet is to avoid this company completely. 


We have had them drop more than one copier off a liftgate in multiple cities.  Cracking control panels seems to be a specialty of theirs.  Trying to get a POD can take weeks and even months after a copier delivers and when it does come, most of the time they are illegible.  I estimate our damage ratio with CRST/STI to be around 25%.  On routes with Offsite Trucks, our damage claim ratio is under 1%.  We use Screenshell screen guards, they don’t.  We use 2″ foam pads with the blankets, they don’t.  We don’t use ratchet straps, they do.  Ratchet straps can bend frames.  They haul motorcycles and cargo, all we do are copiers.  My experience with them says they just do not know how to move copiers or really care to make an effort.  I believe they just want the business and believe they have enough loopholes to get out of paying the claims. 


Of course in my experience they appear to love their fees too!  We have been charged a “long carry fee” because the driver did not ask the customer where the dock was and had to push a copier 100′ from the truck to the building.  One time we had a driver use our bathroom, wash himself completely and stink the office up with his #2.  He was in there at least 45 minutes, then STI/ CRST charged us for the extra time on site.  They wanted us to pay the drivers time to poop and clean up in our bathroom.  I can go on, but we all have jobs to do.  


If you have no choice, do not wrap the shipment.  At delivery, train the person to write “subject to inspection” on the CRST/ STI BOL.  Even with these steps, there is a high chance the equipment will be damaged and claim not paid.  Personally, if they are the only option, I would just crate and palletize the device and send by common carrier.  Its a shame because they do have a nice national network.  Its not easy to get equipment up in rural areas.  You have been warned:)

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